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Tombe.org is a 501c3 organization aimed at bringing eco-friendly strategies to support sustainable development in developing nations.

Eco- friendly strategies are becoming a top priority around the globe. Africa's desire to achieve its development objectives through heavy reliance on natural resources and the implications this might have on the environment is leaving adverse footprints now and for future generations. The need to prevent this situation is more critical than ever. The time is ripe to renew the call for development that is both sustainable and ecologically friendly for the African continent and beyond. Such measures must start with the individual, the family, the community, country and the whole world together unified.

Environmental contamination due to solid waste mismanagement is a global issue. Open dumping and open burning are the main implemented waste treatment and final disposal systems in low income countries. Zambia and Macha Mission Hospital and the surrounding institutions is no exception to this dilemma. The community has no organized and central location to handle its solid waste from the local homes as well as the surrounding institutions in the area. As a result of such ways of handling the solid waste, marine litter, air, soil and water contaminations do occur, let alone the health and environmental risks associated with such practices.

Tombe.org, a 501c3 organization, has been formed to educate and enlighten, to promote the social well-being of the community, and to uphold the tenants of living in harmony with the set laws and regulations of the land. We aim to provide solid waste management solutions for Southern and Eastern Africa, and other Third World Countries and encourage each other to follow the right path to success and facing waste management problems that affect us in today's world. We stand to perpetuate the principles of truth and honesty, and live as a part of one world as we inculcate good virtues to the future generations.


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