promotes the social well-being of the community through harmonizing with natural resources. is a non profit organization which is aiming at improving the welfare of the people in agriculture, education, health and sound environmental practices. It adopted its name from the Tonga speaking people of Zambia. It is a word translated as dirt or unhygienic. For thousands of years recycling has been practiced through planting of trees, farming as well as burning of garbage. However, with the rapid urbanization over the 100 years or so, proper recycling is proven to be a challenge. In 2019 Michelo Kalambo the President and CEO of Tombe visited his home village of Macha and whilst there observed the void and need to address such an environmental dilemma. Upon his return to the States, he shared the situation of his village with likeminded passionate environmental and sustainability professionals who highlighted a few solutions for such communities. Tombe follows all recycling principles with respect to the community needs and traditions which have been there for many years. Tombe was formed to address this unhygienic environment.


Compost Solution will provide the resources necessary to segregate the food waste stream from the environmental media. This will be achieved by providing education to the community, providing containers for proper segregation, and for transporting the food waste to one central location. At the central location, the waste will be separated into organic and non-organic waste streams. The organic will be processed to produce humus. The humus will then be available to be returned to the community for use to enrich soil.

Community Garden

With the humus created from the compost being used to enrich the community soil, will work with community members to create a community garden. The produce from the garden will reduce hunger in the area, and the community can use this income to pay for children’s schools fees and help with every day needs. The Garden will use environmentally sound water conservation methods of drip irrigation.

Community Borehole will work with local resources to drill a borehole to provide clean water to the community. The water will be used for both the composting process and for the garden irrigation.

Hardwood and Softwood Tree Nursery

To improve the forest as a source for carbon sequestration, will support starting a hardwood and Softwood tree nursery in the area. The tree seedlings will be transferred into the forest to replace trees that were cut down for charcoal by villagers.