Michelo Kalambo

Michelo Kalambo currently works as compliance coordinator with Eldredge Inc. Have experience and ability to plan, coordinate and execute multiple projects alone and in teams. Current role involves assisting with compliance activities, as well as state and federal permits. Other responsibilities include, maintaining companies Asbestos license and oversee personnel certification as well as their safety in regards to OSHA. Michelo is a Certified Hazardous Material Manager (CHMM) as well as a Registered Environmental Manager (REM).



Donna Switzer

Donna Switzer is the founder of Beyond Compliance LLC Consulting, a woman-owned environmental, health, safety (EHS), and sustainability consulting firm that partners with organizations to solve regulatory compliance requirements and to improve social conditions. Donna is passionate about reducing risks associated with air emissions, water quality and availability, waste management, and workplace safety. She has worked with a broad range of companies in chemical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, construction, and power sectors in evaluating, developing, and implementing key EHS and sustainability programs.

Donna is a Certified Sustainability Practitioner, a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager, and a Certified Professional Environmental Auditor with a Master's Degree in Environmental Science from Drexel University.



Sarah Henderson

Sarah Henderson is a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager specializing in hazardous materials/waste management and OSHA HAZCOM compliance. Sarah works as an Environmental Health and Safety Professional and Customer Success Manager supporting military installations and the Defense Logistics Agency with hazmat management practices, environmental compliance and sustainable impacts.



Fellistus Munakombwe

News Junkie. Gadget freak. Sports enthusiast. Passionate about environmental Health and Safety. Passionate about personalized learning. Passionate about reconciliation, peace and justice.

Expertise: Assessment, moderation, team development, design thinking, security, sustainability and social impact.